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Education, history, human rights, photography & cinema


From its inception, the Revolutions project bears the intention of promoting a course and a series of debates between noteworthy members of the national and international intellectual community, aimed towards a discussion of the concept of revolution in its historical context; as its starting point, two central issues in contemporary society: human rights, and the contemporary status of the image, with an emphasis on photography and cinema.

Additionally, the project will include a photography exhibition based on the Michael Löwy-organized book Révolutions, and the screening of two films: Nachrichten aus der Ideologischen Antike – Marx – Eisenstein – Das Kapital [News from Ideological Antiquity: Marx, Eisenstein, Capital] by Alexander Kluge, and Film Socialism by Jean-Luc Godard. Lastly, the Revolutions project will also have its own Blog, and a Website containing a variety of resources, including reference and didactic material and a media library.

The aim of the project is not the mere propagation of bygone revolutionary positions, however, but the raising of an essential question for this day and age: “which society are we educating towards?”

In the attempt to find an answer, we intend to hark back to a Utopian ideal that once sought to reconcile selflessness and freedom, that we may at last approach contemporary solutions for a more democratic and egalitarian reinvention of the present. Remembering our revolutionary past to think our present; or, as Alexander Kluge puts it in his News from Ideological Antiquity: “Utopia gets better and better, while we wait for it.”

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